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You can sell YOUR music on this site, providing you are the copyright owner. It costs you nothing to be a member and upload your songs. When a sale is made we take 40% of the sale to cover administration and payment gateway fees. The balance will appear in your account immediately. As an example if you price a song at £.69 you will get £.41 per download. You can withdraw amounts from your account over £10. You will need a Paypal Account.More..
We advise you to upload a demo of your song with a duration of about 60 seconds as well as the full song for downloading.A demo will prevent anyone downloading the stream free. We can produce demo's for you should you require, for just £1 per demo. If you need help uploading songs or jpgs let us know and we will help you free of charge.More..
You can contact us by email the address is:- admin@dennydigital.comMore..
We offer a full digital marketing service and will upload an album of up to 14 recordings to all premier digital download and streaming sites including iTunes, Amazon, Napster etc.-worldwide. The service includes providing Album Artwork, and the required discs. We will register all recordings with PPL UK the UK sound recording database.We also issue ISRC and Barcodes. We will provide full royalty reports approximately every three months. The fee charged for this service is £250 all royalties paid to us are paid to you without deduction. We will also give you 1 years subscription to worth £20.00 and will produce up to 14 demo's for your tracks worth £14.00. This service also signs you to the UK Record Label Soundblitz Records. Please contact us if you would like to take up this service or require further information.More..


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Recent Audio Albums

Mike David Project
June 8, 2015
Singles will be added to this Album project when available  More »
We've Got You Covered
December 24, 2014
A selection of pop hits from the past that are given a special Gunsmoke sound.  More »
Rick Wild Revisits The 60s
December 16, 2014
If your over 55 you will remember these hits. If your younger you will love them.  More »
Look For Me In Rainbows
December 15, 2014
Released on the Soundblitz Records label the proceeds of this album are for Ryan's Rural Suicide Charity.  More »

Recent Video Albums

Dene Michael Videos
December 12, 2014
A series of music videos  More »

Recent Artists

Dave Vernon
January 24, 2017
Based in the UK Dave Vernon had hits in the 60s One of which is played quite often on radio stations around the world, 'Child of 1945'  More »
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